Shibori Koinobori Small Windsock—Angle

Shibori Koinobori Small Windsock—Angle


This Shibori koinobori windsock will brighten any indoor or outdoor space. The carp streamer, or koinobori, is flown in Japan to celebrate Children’s Day. My interpretation combines this tradition with the Japanese art of Shibori. This large (36") cotton windsock is dyed in indigo six times, creating a deep blue and white stripe pattern. The windsock comes in an indigo-dyed drawstring bag—perfect for gift-giving or storing. Hang it on your porch, over your patio or on your outdoor umbrella, and watch it dance in the breeze. Handmade in the USA.   

PLEASE NOTE: Each windsock will have a slightly different pattern placement. This windsock is meant to change over time in nature. It will fade when exposed to sun and rain, and the eyes and tail will fray a little. Hanging it in a protected setting, such as a covered porch, will keep the color darker.

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• Hand dyed in a Japanese Shibori technique with indigo dye, on 100% cotton muslin fabric
• Cotton piping cord is sewn in to make the carp “mouth”
• Natural hemp cord, tied to a metal fishing swivel
• Comes in an indigo-dyed muslin bag
• Dimensions: approx. 4”x19” (10.1cm x 48.2cm) / Hemp cord: approx. 5½” (13.9cm)
• Listing is for one carp windsock in a drawstring bag

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